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Please, sir, I want some more. WHAT?! ASK FOR POTTERMORE?



And that welcome message? So touching. I finally feel like people are finally getting a chance to understand and accept the Slytherin house. I mean, there's so much prejudices against us, but we're not bad, okay? We're great. LOOK, IT SAYS SO RIGHT HERE.

                  " Because you know what Salazar Slytherin looked for in his chosen
                 students? The seeds of greatness. You’ve been chosen by this house
                 because you’ve got the potential to be great, in the true sense of the

And Merlin was a Slytherin. That just made my day. Why do I have projects to finish today when I have a whole world to explore right now? I don't want to.
P.S. I'm loving my pun, I don't care what you say. I'll be using it whenever I can now.
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Hi life, nice of you to show up again.

Things That Were Really Sucky This Week; A list:
  • I'm siiick. On the brighter side, I can finally hit those lows notes in The Strokes' songs.
  • Hiking tomorrow. (Actually, I really don't care, but it means I'll have to stay after classes to finish my 'Material & Techniques' project, which I don't want to.)
  • Worst. Bus service. Ever.
  • Merlin & Sherlock airing dates are early 2012. Too far BBC, you slut. We are so not friends anymore.
Things That Were Awesome This Week; Another list:

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Beep boop boop

Hello LJ people, how are all of you doing?

So, I remember I told a certain someone (YES, lil_lollypop36, I'M LOOKING AT YOU) that I would start posting more art in this sad excuse for a journal. SO HERE!  It's actually a WIP, but I tried, OK? You can't hold it against me.

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See, it's this kind of wind goddess who's strands of hair are actually um, breezes? Or you know, just little wisps of air. She has to continually cut her hair so that wind may exist on earth, but no worries, it grows back super quickly.

I actually like this, so I'll make sure to further it more soon, but right now I'm kind of over my head with this other project, so we'll see.

ETA: I forgot to thank those of you who sent me kisses! I didn't know about the whole thing so I feel like a loser for not being able to send you back some in return. I promise to read those annoying LJ news things from now on, OK? I LOVE YOU ALL, THANKS AGAIN! ♥
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Uh, hi... you...

OK, so I know, I've kinda been M.I.A for the last month and I'm reeeaaally sorry you guys :(
I had these really big end of term exams that i could not fail, so I had to lock myself far away from my laptop and actually study. I know, I still shiver thinking of it. On top of that, I had a gazillion final art projects to give in, none of which I'm particularly happy with it, but yeah. I'm working on that.

I've also made some pretty big changes in my life, the most important one probably being my quitting sciences. I was unhappy with it, I didn't like it and I had no intention whatsoever in pursuing a career in that field, so I figured it was time I stopped being such a wimp and finally went after what I wanted. So yeah, full time art = awesomest/stupidest thing I've probably done so far.
Also, it's been a bit more than a week since I've given in all my works, including extra credits, so I've been catching up on the sleep I missed the last couple of months and battling this nasty cold , courtesy of none existent dodo schedule. Thanks.

BUT SUMMER IN MONTREAL! It's all sunny and warm, and no rain!!!! I looveeeee it. This summer, I'm getting fucking tan, OK? You guys can't let me get all cooped up inside again, I swear, I was the whitest latina you'd ever seen.

Oh! Right. All of this was pretty much just a heads up to warn you guys that I might be flooding your inbox with my stupid comments, but I have tons of lovely posts & fandoms to catch up too, so deal with it.


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GUYSSS GUYSSS GUYYSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The "Deathly Hallows" part 2 trailer is out and it's fantastic!

WHY IS IT SO CLOSE TO ENDING ALL OVER AGAIN. Please squeal over this with me?
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If any of you are like me and are in dear need of some good ass-kicking, this is your chance! Fanativation is holding an art war that lasts the whole weekend. The goal? To finish as much fanart possible by Monday. So, let's get comfortable, 'cause there's a whole weekend of intense drawing in front of us.  ON WITH THE WAR!

*scampers off to draw*

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Face study and ASKFSHEGFAJ.

Oh hey, look! A facial study! Man, I really suck at expressions/proportions.  Looks like someone is going to be drawing a whole lot of faces soon! 
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Also, what's happening in Japan is horrible! I feel like crying whenever I hear about it. And more disasters keep on happening to them! I mean, an earthquake,  a tsunami and supposedly a volcano as well? My heart, it breaks. I'm looking right away for some sort of campaign near me to help.  It's just so scary!  :(   :(   :(   :(

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Fanart: Property of Merlin

I'm blaming the lovely overtsock  for this!  Thanks to her, I discovered these awesome Merlin merchs and really, can you blame me for not resisting the lovely mental image of Arthur wearing one? You so know Merlin would put his claim on him god knows I would

Haha, enjoy! 

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ETA: OMG GUYSSSS, the lovely elirwen  wrote me some fics!! They're fantastic!
Go check them out NOW:  Property of Merlin &  I Am Your Property
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Facts & truths

Fact #1: Some people sink more in water than others.
Fact #2: I'm one of those people.

So, as none of you know, I have aquatics classes, which can be VERY exhausting. During one class, we did a load of series of exercises which had me swimming the entire length of the pool back and forth various times.  My favorite (and this is strongly sarcastic) was probably the "Egg beater" kicks: 
The swimmer's back must be straight, knees bent so that the thighs are parallel to the surface of the water, and lower legs perpendicular to the surface.

The left foot makes a clockwise motion while the right leg makes a counterclockwise motion towards the axis of the body. The legs should never meet because when one foot is on the inside of the motion, the other should be on the outside. The arms are not involved directly in this kick.

Basically, you do the chair in the water while doing clockwise and counterclockwise motions with your feet. It's suppose to keep you a float...  Refer to fact #2.  Yeah, no.

I also have this inability to to swim on the surface of water. Don't ask me why, it involves a sad story about a young girl watching way too many dog movies and refusing to swim properly in her swimming classes, which she quit anyway.  Anyway, the point is that I somehow made it my personal goal to be able to swim the entire length back and forth without having to stop to regain footing or air 'cause I choked on water. 

That class, I managed to do half. My teacher was telling me I had done an excellent job (I think I must have drowned in the pool and died. A gym teacher telling me I did a good job? Yup, I drowned.) and giving me thumbs up and everything!  For a moment,  I felt on top of the world. I ruled the pool- no! I ruled the oceans! I was the best and nothing could stop me!

And then I had to do eggbeater kicks again.

EDIT: I forgot! I wanted to say a big great THANK YOU to all of you wonderful people for the lovely 'Good-luck' wishes on my exams.  THANK YOU BBS! ♥